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If you are a telemarketer who’s looking to buy quality telemarketing list leads and , Caldwell Mailing List Company is a lead broker of mailing lists whose experience and expertise in telemarketing list selections will generate sales leads that increase your sales and maximize your success. Telemarketing leads play an essential role in any sales campaign by providing contact information and phone numbers of consumers or businesses interested in your products.

If you are searching the Internet for a Telemarketing List, your research has probably led you to ask:

With this many sources available for Telemarketing Lists and Telemarketing Leads, how do I choose the one that will give me quality, accurate telemarketing leads?

Caldwell Mailing List Company is a telemarketing list broker having relationships with the nation’s major telemarketing list compilers.  After 35 years of experience, we have tested all of the on the market, and we know which
compilers’ telephone data is the most accurate, with the fewest disconnects.

Telemarketing list rental comprises a sizeable portion of Caldwell’s client services. When several of our largest telemarketers quickly exhaust the entire national consumer database of phone numbers available, today’s challenge is finding additional unique phone numbers for them.

Since Do Not Call policies have shrunk the total universe of available telemarketing leads, we have developed new methods of augmenting the pool of residences with phone numbers.Telemarketing lists have to be of the highest quality.

We at Caldwell are confident that the quality of our telemarketing leads will please you. Since you or your telemarketers will be talking with these prospects, you will experience first-hand the quality and accuracy of our .

The data for the Consumer and Business is sourced from the white pages, yellow pages, various regional phone books, as well as various proprietary sources. The data is updated continuously, producing the lowest
disconnect rate in the industry. The quality of our telemarketing leads is unmatched.

And rest assured that Caldwell’s Telemarketing List compilers have suppressed the data against the National Do Not Call list. See Do Not Call Info under the Resources button on the nav bar above.

Call only the telemarketing leads that most closely resemble your customers. Click Home Phones or Business Phones to choose from a myriad of selections, besides phone numbers, to make your telemarketing campaign a success.

Many industries utilize telemarketing as a part of their marketing mix, having great success selling direct by phone, while others find they increase their name-recognition and, thus, their prospect’s trust, by phoning
as a follow-up to a mailing.

What better way to obtain your sales leads than a high-quality, accurate list of targeted prospects. With a friendly voice, a good product and a properly targeted list of the most promising high-value recipients for your message, you will make more sales and more money for you and your company.

Call us today to help you become the telemarketing success you want to be!

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