Frequently Asked Questions

Caldwell List Company offers this mailing list FAQ. It answers frequently asked questions about mailing lists and telemarketing sales leads.

No. Generally in our industry, when you “purchase” a list, you are actually “renting” a list for one time use only. Lists can only be used once and only by the original mailer. Unlimited usage is available on most lists. Ask us for help on this if you are interested. (Of course, anyone who responds to your offer becomes your customer to be communicated with as you wish)

There is no right answer. Many mailers find mailing monthly or quarterly to be very effective. Some mail programs are conducted successfully on a weekly basis. Variables such as your particular product or service, your offer and time of the year all need to be considered. Follow up mailings can definitely increase response by creating name recognition.

In general, a well-planned telephone follow-up program is often very effective if timed to coincide shortly after your mailings are received by your prospects. Your Caldwell Marketing Representative can assist you in determining the necessary materials for conducting telemarketing in any easy, orderly manner.

Response rate can vary greatly from mailer to mailer. Your product, your offer, whether or not there is a customer incentive to respond, the mailing list, your creative mailing package, and the timing of the mailing, all play a part in affecting response rates. Some mailers can operate profitably with a response rate of one percent. Others need a much higher rate.

All three of these are considered Direct Marketing. Direct Marketing is unique because:

  • It is measurable. Unlike most forms of advertising, Direct Marketing always seeks a measurable feedback in the form of response. Marketers lay down a given number of dollars and can then measure exactly how many responses this expenditure has produced.
  • It is targetable. Unlike mass media, Direct Marketing is addressed to a specific individual at a specific address who is known or expected to conform to a given set of unique criteria. No matter the size of the mailing, the targeted audience for each piece is a single individual (or a single establishment).
  • It is predictable. It is the one form of promotion in which all of the factors which influence responses can be tested with statistical validity – and, thus, projections via the future “roll-out” can be made with assurance.

Use our lists to:

  • increase sales
  • open new markets
  • conduct market research
  • test new products
  • build awareness of products or services
  • distribute literature
  • increase store traffic
  • support other a