Specialty Lists – Custom Mailing List Options

Order your specialty lists or custom lists from a custom mailing list broker you can trust – Caldwell List Company. Specialty Mailing Lists are created to target your prospects with even more precision than all the selections available on the Consumer Masterfile mailing list.

These custom mailing lists are made up of more specific groups of people, based on self-reported response data classifying these consumers by hobbies, interests, and activities. Specialty lists also provide Life Event information, such as College Bound Students, Parents-To-Be, New Parents and New Movers. And you can order a custom list of addresses of Professionals, such as physicians and Nurses.


Of course, as the custom mailing list is streamlined to more accurately pinpoint your prospect, the cost of the custom list increases.  You will find pricing varies widely on Specialty Lists, and Caldwell makes an effort to keep our Specialty Mailing List prices reasonable. If you are shopping for custom mailing lists, be sure to call your friendly custom List Specialist for a price quote on our specialty mailing lists. You’ll be glad you did.


Service is our #1 priority.  Many of these Specialty lists counts are not available online, but give us a call.  We submit counts and get back to you with totals and custom list pricing in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about our specialty mailing lists, just give us a call. You will never get a voicemail. At Caldwell, there is always a “live” person available to help you with your custom list issues.  No more “voicemail dead end” frustration!

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