Insurance Leads

Caldwell List Company has affordable insurance lead mailing lists, including group health , life insurance
leads, and long term care medical insurance lead lists.

Seasoned insurance professionals, as well as those new to the industry, are always searching for quality, productive . If you are in the insurance business–be it health insurance, life insurance, long term care medical insurance, home insurance, or auto insurance–you can generate targeted insurance sales leads with mailing lists from Caldwell List Company.

As you search for online health or life , you may begin to notice that all insurance lead companies look alike. So why stop here?
What makes Caldwell any different from all the other insurance lead providers?

We are list brokers with access to data from the nation’s top list compilers. We have tested these mailing lists and utilize only the highest quality data available. And we know how to find medical or life that produce results.

Health Insurance Leads and Life Insurance Leads

Since many insurance agents are personally responsible for their own prospecting programs, you’ll be happy to know that Caldwell’s pricing is very reasonable. If you are looking for affordable , look no further than our mailing lists, where you will find the best selection of health insurance leads, life , group health, and medical .

The financial industry (insurance, investments, mortgage) is one of our largest client groups. We have provided mail lists for thousands of satisfied insurance sales people, from individual agents to large insurance companies. After 35 years in the mailing list industry, we know which work best for specific types of insurance products.

Our List Specialists have an average of 10 years in the list business. They have experience working with insurance agents providing insurance leads that produce sales.

When you call Caldwell, you will be assigned an insurance lead List Specialist who will work with you on each order, ever-refining your marketing program to increase your sales and maximize your profits!

Mailing lists and telemarketing lists are available for your area by zip code, city, county or larger area. And rest assured that our mailing lists have been suppressed against the National Do Not Call list.

Insurance agents know that timing is one of the most influential buying factors.  So order from the Major Life Event files: New Births, New Movers and New Homeowners. These consumers are involved in major changes in
their household that affect their sense of responsibility, and insurance matters are at the forefront as these events unfold. Most Life Event lists are available whenever you wish to order them or on an on-going monthly basis. Other selects can be added such as: income, presence of children and many more. (See the Consumer Masterfile for all selections available.)

Age is another important factor for . Reach Baby Boomers in your area for likely prospects for Long Term Care medical insurance. Order Seniors Turning 65 (listed by date of birth so you can contact them at just the right time) to sell Supplemental Health insurance.

Find Seniors with spouses for Second to Die Policies, or market to Seniors Living With Adult Children.

Use the Homeowners list for Property and Casualty . For this and many other types of insurance leads, simply add selections of your choice: families by income, presence of children, age of children and much more.

There are many insurance lead lists available and even more ways to utilize the information on each record to create your most responsive prospects and insurance sales leads.

And of course, all residential lists are updated monthly, checked against the National Change of Address (NCOA) file and CASS certified for address verification.

Let us show you what we can do for your Insurance Lead program.