Over the last six or seven years, we have been taking calls from potential customers asking what our price would be on selling or licensing an entire consumer database for the United States. It is understandable that marketers need to watch every penny, and purchasing an entire consumer database certainly helps save on data costs. However, in the past, this was something we never had a quality source for and never trusted those types of databases. Over the last six years, we have researched, tested, and tried multiple vendors/compilers to see if any of these databases had data even close to comparable to credit bureau data. It seemed we would never find a source that offered these high amounts of decent data at a ‘bulk’ licensing or purchase price. But this is what our customers want, so we needed to find it.

After much research and testing, a few months ago we found a quality compiler that offers this option. The file is updated with new records every three months, scrubbed with the USPS National Change of Address quarterly, CASS certified, and the telephone numbers are verified at least twice per year. It has every selectable criteria you could imagine or want to pull. Some basic selects include income, age, gender, household mortgage information, buying habits, hobbies, ethnicity, language, marital status, and so many more. For clients who are telemarketing or would need phone numbers, this database can be provided scrubbed on with the Federal Do Not Call registry, or we can provide all available phones numbers if perhaps the client is a Do Not Call exempt organization.

Our clients now have the ability to license this database and pull unlimited data using unique criteria searches as often as they’d like. If they don’t have the ability or technical know-how to run the queries to pull the data, this option still offers a very cost-effective way to purchase very high volumes of data for much lower prices than conventional data compilers would offer. The phone numbers are typically 85% deliverable or better, and this database has higher count availability than many other consumer data compilers. The postal addresses would be 93% deliverable or better.

To say the least, I was pleasantly surprised to find that such a high quality option existed at such a low pricing structure.