We have received calls recently from past clients or prospective clients telling us about how they tried to test out the new program by the United States Postal Service called EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail). This is where you still handle the design and printing of your mail piece, but you take those pieces to the post office and have the USPS delivery these pieces using EDDM. This option is very quick and very easy, but it also wastes your advertising dollars very quickly as well. EDDM allows you to only saturate a specific zip code or zip+4 sending anywhere from 250 – 5000 pieces per day. What EDDM does not allow you to do, is pick out which of those households within the zip code may actually be qualified or even halfway interested in purchasing your product or service.

Our own clients that have tried using this service, admit that their greed got the best of them and that they needed to at least try it. Needless to say, we still have their list business targeting only the households they feel would be interested and/or able to purchase their product or service. These days, with tight marketing budgets and questionable growth in most industries, in most cases there is no sense in saturating entire zip codes or portions of zip codes with your mail pieces. This means you’re wasting money on the postage cost of the EDDM and the cost of the printing for each piece that reaches an unqualified household.

List purchasing allows you to target specific households that fall within up to 180 different criteria selections. It certainly makes more financial sense to send 1,000 mail pieces to only those who would be able or interested in purchasing your product, rather than sending 5,000 mail pieces to saturate an area where you are ‘taking a shot in the dark’ as to how many of those 5,000 pieces are reaching qualified prospects.

Purchasing a list is the least expensive part of any mailing, but can be the most important part of any mailing. We recommend not to skip this small step!