It’s extremely often that a client asks me, “Why should I use you when I can go directly to the data compiler and buy it from their retail division?”  There are a couple answers to that question, and I think once you read them, you’ll agree with me and see that using a broker gives the customer a sharp advantage during the list purchase process. Here are a few of the most important reasons I respond with:

1) We have the ability to shop the market for the best list for your request, not just the one specific compiler/database that you happened to ‘Google search’ and call.

2) We, at Caldwell List Company, have over 45 years of experience in the list industry. We have seen what each database can provide for all different types of clients’ offers. Moreover, we know what each of their strengths, weaknesses, and prices are vs. the response rate or return-on-investment for our client.

3) We have been in business long enough to where we have excellent prices through any of the data files that we carry. We have shopped the list markets long enough to know exactly what our own vendors charge on a retail basis, and that allows us to mark down the exact same data to save you (the customer) money. It is no lie when I tell you that it’s on a  daily basis that I’m told we are charging less than half of what a customer was quoted when they went direct to the data compiler, for the exact same list data.

These are just a few simple reasons that whether you’re purchasing consumer lists, residential homeowners lists, business lists, or even medical lists or specialty lists, you’ll have a better variety of lists to choose from being offered for lower prices using a broker compared to going direct. If you don’t know whether a list company you’re shopping is a broker or an actual data compiler, ask the representative. It will certainly benefit you to at least shop a list broker or two. Trust me, I see the benefits everyday!