How to Increase ROI in Telemarketing Lists

Buy telemarketing lists that increase your ROI. Your telemarketing lead return on investment depends on the quality of your telemarketing list.

Increased bottom-line profits are the goal of every marketing campaign.  You have probably heard that the industry average response for direct mail is 1% to 2%.  This statistic may be higher or lower, of course, depending on your product, offer, price and other variables.

Results can be improved by integrating the mail campaign using telemarketing for follow-up.  Telemarketing to a customer who has received your mailing increases your chances for response, due to increased prospect awareness.  Prospects tend to react more positively, having already heard the name of your company, even if they didn’t read your material.

This principle of increased response based on customer name recognition can be further enhanced through increasing your ad campaign frequency. Plan your marketing campaign using a series of contacts to the same prospects.  Try different media, or a series of contacts using both mail and telemarketing, spread out over a period of time, so as not to “bombard” the customer.  As your company name becomes a “household word”, trust will be achieved and sales will follow.

If you plan to purchase a list of phone numbers for telemarketing, or just addresses for mailing, remember this tip and order both.  An extra few dollars added onto your order for phones may increase your response dramatically.  When ordering a mailing list, add “multiple use” to your order, and mail to these same prospects as many times as you wish for one year.

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