Need More Telemarketing Lead Phone Numbers?

Chances are, if you buy telemarketing lists you need more phone numbers. Caldwell List Company has the quality telemarketing leads you need.

As America’s database of telephone numbers continues to shrink due to Do Not Call legislation, it is the challenge of list brokers to find creative ways to Finding unique phone numbers for their telemarketing clients.

Our telemarketing List Specialists can merge two or more of the top compilers’ databases into one all-encompassing , non-duplicating list of names and phones.   A sizeable percent of these may never have been available to you if you normally obtain your telemarketing leads directly from one specific compiler.

Additionally, we can obtain an additional group of unique names that are not associated with an address, but do, in fact, have valid phone numbers.  If you are calling rather than mailing, this is an excellent way to reach people who may not have been marketed to so heavily.

Contact one of our List Specialists to discuss your specific requirements as well as counts and pricing at 1-800-241-7425.