Telemarketing Lists for Non-Profit OrganizationsTelemarketing Lists for Non-Profit Organizations from Caldwell List Company

Telemarketing lists for non-profit organizations are a great way to raise money for charitable purposes. However, the non-profit marketplace is very competitive, so when investing in direct mail marketing, it’s best to work with a professional list broker like Caldwell List Company to ensure that you can fully reap the benefits. Over the last 40 years, we’ve cultivated strong partnerships with the top data suppliers in the industry, and we have the qualifications and experience to create customized, reliable leads for your organization. Simply put, you can trust us with your marketing investment.

At Caldwell List, we’ve learned that when establishing relationships with donors, a personal touch goes a long way. To help you strike the right chord, you’ll be assigned a dedicated list specialist who will learn about your mission, offer insight, and then zero in on your target audience. You’ll want to consider factors like where your existing and prospective donors are located, how and how often they like to be contacted, and what inspires them to contribute. You can then craft an appropriate message to engage your prospects, who you will reach through the customized lists we compile for you. In your message, you might include something dramatic or special about the mission of your organization to help distinguish it from other similar groups that serve the same constituency.

In sum, the key tasks in creating effective telemarketing lists for non-profit organizations are:

  • Discover
  • Target
  • Contact
  • Acquire
  • Engage
  • Retain

Why not allow Caldwell List to help you take your fundraising campaign to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about non-profit telemarketing lists. We take great pride in helping our customers achieve success, and we’ve carried on this fine tradition since our founding in 1968.