Based on the amount of recent requests we have had from prospective clients within the home/residential energy industry, I was interested to contact some of our current clients in that industry to see what and how they are marketing. These are companies that either broker or carry their own natural gas services, electric/power service, or even solar power options. They typically call or send a direct mailing to homeowners or residents in specific areas that they service. This is hot business right now, and it’s bringing us at Caldwell List a healthy amount of new business.

What I discovered from our current clients is that many of these solar power/panel programs are government sponsored, so not only do the homeowners/residents benefit from tax incentives and lower costs of energy, but the energy company that is selling the products also benefits since these programs are typically Do Not Call exempt programs.  This means these companies can legally telemarket to all households, whether they are on the Do Not Call registry or not. As I discussed in previous posts, Do Not Call exempt telemarketing campaigns have a large advantage over other telemarketing programs because it opens up the available universe of targets they can contact by 300% in many areas. These are households that are rarely contacted or marketed too, and typically respond better to marketing offers.

There are plenty of other Do Not Call exempt organizations out there, and many companies may not know that they are missing out on a huge opportunity/universe of targets they could be marketing to. From companies seeking energy leads to companies that are using residential leads for research or non-profit purposes, the Do Not Call exemptions are numerous.