As list/lead specialists, we sometimes function not only as a guide through the insanely vast world of available lists, but also as a teacher in many cases. For some “specialists” in the list industry, the knowledge and advice given to clients comes solely from information learned while earning a marketing degree, or from a professor’s speculation on statistically what should and shouldn’t work for a client. However, Caldwell List Company’s list specialists can provide much more valuable insight than that. This is not to say we haven’t also earned those same marketing degrees and read the same books as the other guys. But what Caldwell List’s list specialists can offer additionally is something much more of an asset than just education – 40+ years of experience in what has worked for our clients in the past, and what has not worked for them.

We get questions such as, “If I spend the money on postage, printing, and the list, how many calls can I expect and when, based on a direct mailing? Should I follow up with phone calls? Or should I just telemarket to these targets and not waste a big piece of my advertising budget on the mailing? Are email addresses available for these people, and should I email them before or after I mail or call them?” We get these questions all day long. Yes, it’s true, while we do offer all of these services above, not every channel mentioned above is going to be a good fit for every client. We have clients that have tried it all, within a variety of industries and to a variety of potential clients/prospects. The short answer to those questions would be that if you give us the chance to learn your business and product thoroughly, we can teach you the pros and cons to using different channels of marketing to different targets you may want to reach, based on what our previous clients have seen and experienced.

Don’t believe us? Try calling us – we would be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.