Homeowner and New Homeowner Lists

A frequently asked question I receive is what the difference is between 'new homeowner lists' and regular 'homeowner lists.' The easiest way to explain the difference is just that the new homeowner file is able to pull extremely fresh data of people who have recently purchased a new home, as recent as within the last week or two. Regular homeowner lists (not new homeowners specifically) comes from a large basic consumer household database that can pull a specific purchase date or length of residence, but only down to within a couple months recency. This is not to say that the [...]

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Targeted Mailings Vs. Saturation Mailings

For certain products or services, direct mailers may choose to saturate a particular area with a mail piece, regardless of specific household interests, attributes, or indicators. The only instance we where typically recommend this approach is if the product or service offered by the direct mailer can be used by or apply to almost everyone, no matter their specific financial situation and/or preference. Saturation mailing lists can be much less expensive than demographically targeted mailing lists, and can still delineate between certain dwelling types (single-family dwellings vs. multi-family dwellings). However, when one considers the cost of printing and postage for [...]

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