As a list broker, I speak with many small and medium-sized business owners and decision makers each day. Perhaps because I’m in the list industry, I take for granted the amount and granularity that the residential/consumer data that is available. I’m not talking only about the select criteria that helps refine a residential/consumer list (such as age, income, whether they have children or not, ethnicity, education level, occupations, etc.) but also the amount of information that the data can include as far as postal addresses and phone numbers as well. It’s very common for business owners to be surprised that this information is readily available, and that our databases have the vast majority of all of consumers households available with up to 200 different attributes about each one of them. These attributes can include basic information about how long they’ve lived there, to specific information as far as buying habits, preferences, and hobbies.

Recently, I’ve noticed quite a rise in the amount of companies requesting this type of data coming from energy companies and home remodeling companies. We are finding that these companies not only are requesting this data, but they are continuing to purchase multiple orders. This is what we call repeat business, which tells us that these lead lists are working well for them. Depending on how your campaign is set up, we can provide the lists pre-scrubbed with the Do Not Call Registry, or we can include all available phone numbers. If your business advertises to consumer households, telemarketing may be an avenue for you to consider.