To state the answer to this question plainly – YES. At least one time per week, a prospective client that calls into to request information from us tells me they are in search of a new list provider due to problems with their previous list broker. I’m only one sales representative here at Caldwell List Company, and I personally hear this at least once a week. This goes to show there are many people out there who are unhappy with their list provider. Given that there are two sides to every story, more often than not, the story from the client is the same. Their previous list broker provided them with data that either didn’t at all fit the targets they wanted to reach, or the data was old or outdated and therefore, undeliverable.

Often times, when I ask what company they were working with, it’s the same list brokers who seem to be causing the problems. This is where reputation of the list company comes into play. A fairly quick review of a search engine or Better Business Bureau search would reveal that these list brokers have a negative or bad reputation. If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…. well, you know the rest. Although we at Caldwell List Company love scooping us new clients due to the shortfalls of our competitors, we still hate to see anyone get ‘burned’ and not get what they paid for. Don’t get sucked into bottom-dollar pricing, and do the quick reputation check online. It could save you time, money, and heartache.