A Property Owner List Can Jump Start Your Direct Marketing Campaign

Property Owner ListYou buy a property owner list, you orchestrate a costly direct marketing campaign, and yet you see no return on your investment. Has this scenario ever happened to your business? If so, it’s time to entrust your direct marketing efforts with the professionals at Caldwell List Company. We have the industry experience and the resources to deliver lead lists that will actually yield results. How? We take a unique approach to lead generation. Rather than simply brokering cheap data that may or may not target the specific types of households or businesses that you want to reach, we take the time to find you a property owner list that contains accurate, targeted data. In short, we remove the fat from your direct marketing campaign and provide you with lean, clean lists that contain the most qualified potential leads.

When you rely on our lead generation services for a property owner list, you’ll quickly see that we’re different from other list brokerage companies in the following ways:

  • Data – We have cultivated long-term partnerships with the leading compilers in the industry. This means that we have access to the best, most comprehensive databases available and can provide you with lists that have been filtered according to specific selects.
  • Price – Because we have been working with these industry-leading list compilation companies for more than four decades, we receive the absolute best prices on list data, allowing us to pass these savings on to you.
  • Service – At Caldwell List Company, you won’t just fill out an electronic form and receive a generic list in return. You will speak one-on-one with a highly experienced list broker who will take the time to learn about your business and your target customer so that we can best advise you about your direct marketing efforts.

To buy mail lists, telemarketing lists, or e-mail lists like a property owner list, a home owner list, or a new home owners list, rely on the lead generation services offered by Caldwell List Company. Contact us today to speak with a professional list broker.