Equity Spenders


Total Universe 20 million records

Target homeowners with equity in their homes.Customize your list

With the following.


  • Down payment amount/percentage
  • Dwelling unit type
  • Estimated available equity
  • Estimated current home value
  • Estimated loan to value ratio
  • Estimated current monthly mortgage payment
  • Estimated current mortgage amount
  • Mortgage amount
  • Mortgage type (Conv., FHA, VA)
  • Presence of Lender name (mortgage, equity refinance)
  • Prevailing interest rate
  • Private party lender
  • Purchase date/X-date
  • Purchase price
  • Rate type (fixed, variable)
  • Sale type (new, resale)
  • Seller carry-backs
  • Telephone number

This file is updated monthly, NCOA corrected and CASS certified for maximum deliverability.

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When it comes to mortgage leads, our Equity Spenders lead list offers real estate leads targeted towards homeowners with equity in their homes.