Mailing List Providers can Give Your Business an Edge 

Mailing List ProvidersMailing list providers are not all alike. You’ll likely see many advertising their services as quick, easy, and cheap. While this might be tempting, it’s advisable to proceed slowly and do your homework prior to selecting a marketing partner. When you bear in mind that a high-quality mailing list can serve as a lifeline for your business, you’ll see that the importance of your choice cannot be overstated.

When reviewing the services of various mailing list providers, consider what Caldwell List Company has to offer. We’re an experienced list broker that is ready to serve as your trusted partner in a successful direct marketing campaign anywhere in the nation. For more than 40 years, we’ve been committed to helping our customers grow their businesses by jointly planning strategies to improve marketing effectiveness by reaching target prospects more efficiently.

Another attribute that truly sets us apart from other mailing list providers is our ability to provide value-added service. We’re well qualified to serve as an indispensible resource for tips and advice on how to precisely craft your list. Plus, we have access to multiple lists from multiple providers – the very best in the nation – so we are poised to provide you with the most targeted and effective list for your needs. On the other hand, if you choose to work with a list owner, you should keep in mind that they will naturally want to sell you their own list, so any advice they provide will probably be biased.

Also, just because mailing list providers have access to large volumes of data doesn’t mean they can create the best lists. It’s critical to find out how often the data is updated, and which sources are used to accomplish this. With Caldwell List, you can always feel confident that the data you receive is clean and current. We receive our information from the best sources in the industry, and we update that information on a monthly basis. As part of this thorough process, all records are Move Updated and CASS Certified™ using the latest USPS® sources, including NCOALink (National Change of Address), to ensure maximum deliverability for our customers.

To learn more about the many ways in which Caldwell List Company stands out from other national mailing list providers, contact us today.