About Caldwell List Company

Caldwell has been a list broker for 45 years

Caldwell List Company has been a mailing list broker for 45 years and our mail list specialists have been with us for an average of 10 years!  More than 70% of our business is repeat business – some of our customers have been with us for more than 15 years.

As a list broker, we sell compiled lists and response lists from multiple sources.  Our options give you options.  And as an experienced list broker, we know which lists are most responsive.

And unlike many list brokers, we don’t just give you “counts and prices”.  If you would like help or recommendations, we excel in adding value to your experience.  We don’t make decisions for you, but we help you make knowledgeable, informed choices to produce the results you want.

We invite you to join the Caldwell family of satisfied customers.  Give us call.

Why choose Caldwell as your mailing list broker?

Before you choose your mailing list broker, here are some questions that you should ask:

  • How long has this list broker been in business?
  • Are their service people experienced, knowledgeable?
  • Is the list broker big enough to handle your needs?
  • Are they small enough to really care about my company?
  • Do they sell just one company’s products?
  • How are their prices relative to the industry?