Investor Profile

215,000,000 Households to profile

Source:  Net worth model information from annual market audit surveys of more than 100,000 households and combined with Consumer Data.

You “build” the investor you are interested in, depending on the capital necessary to invest in your product.

Select the age, estimated household income, modeled net worth and/or investable assets that fit the criteria for your best prospect.

(Example may select:  Age 40-55, Income $150K+, Investable assets $250K+)

We’ll deliver a list of quality prospects with the disposable income you are looking for.

Target by Geography and Demographics such as: Exact Age, Gender, Estimated Household Income, Net Worth, Investable Assets, Dwelling Type, Homeowners, Families with Children, Telephone Numbers, and other consumer selects.

This file is updated monthly, NCOA corrected and CASS certified for maximum deliverability.

Contact one of our List Specialists to discuss your specific requirements as well as counts and pricing at 1-800-241-7425.