Internet Buyers

Customize any of our specialty mailing lists, like this Internet Buyers custom list from Caldwell List Company.

15,000,000 Individuals

Consumers who buy on the Internet are excellent prospects for mail as well as telemarketing.  They are busy individuals who don’t have time or don’t want to go into stores to shop.  They are likely prospects for direct mail and telemarketing too.

Choose from the products they purchased:

  • Apparel/Children
  • Apparel/Men’s
  • Apparel/Women’s
  • Audio Tapes/CDs/Videotapes
  • Auto Products
  • Books/Magazines
  • Business Supplies
  • Checks (Not From A Bank)
  • Children’s Products
  • Clothing
  • Computer Products
  • Cookware And Kitchen Products
  • Cosmetics/Jewelry
  • Crafts/Hobbies
  • Cruise/Vacation Packages
  • Cruise/Vacation Packages
  • Cruise/Vacation Packages
  • Electronics
  • Flowers/Houseplants
  • Food
  • Gardening Supplies
  • Gifts
  • Home Furnishings
  • House wares/Furnishings
  • Insurance/Financial Prod
  • Invest/Trade
  • Moneymaking Opportunities
  • Music/Video/DVDs
  • Personal Financial Services
  • Prescription Medicine
  • Shoes
  • Sports Equipment
  • Sports/Recreation Products
  • Stationery/Cards
  • Travel
  • Vitamins/Health Products

Target also by Geography and Demographics such as: Exact Age, Gender, Estimated Income, Dwelling Type, Homeowners, Families with Children, Telephone Numbers, and other consumer selects.

This file is updated monthly, NCOA corrected and CASS certified for maximum deliverability.

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