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It’s not easy to stand out in the competitive world of direct mailing list companies, but Caldwell List Company does just that by providing the highest quality of direct mailing lists and sales leads that separates Caldwell List from its competition. Add our 43 years of list expertise and superior customer service from a group of well-trained List Specialists to our affordable mailing list prices, and you will discover Caldwell List Company is the best choice for all your direct marketing needs. If you are researching mailing list companies online, you may find that we all LOOK very much alike, but other mailing list companies just can’t match the quality and value of our services.

we have a moment of your time to tell you…




As one of the nations major mailing list companies, we provide marketers with data from the most complete and most accurate databases. Our database allows us to select for you the direct marketing mailing lists that will generate sales leads of the highest quality. Let us show you the power of direct mailing lists, e-mail lists, and telemarketing lists as sales leads and direct marketing lead generators.

Caldwell brings you an entire suite of list products:

CONSUMER LISTS: Consumer mailing lists, as well as consumer e-mail lists and telemarketing lists are available with a huge variety of selections, which makes targeting your best prospects an extremely precise process. Visit our Consumer Mailing Lists page for more details on the basic demographic selects, as well as Life Style and Buying Habits information.

BUSINESS LISTS: Business mailing lists, as well as e-mail lists and telemarketing lists are available,
along with a number of lists pulled from this huge database of information: Big Business, Business Owners List, Home-Based Business List, New Business List, Women-Owned Business List and much more. Please visit our Business Mailing Lists page for all the details on these lists and the many selections
you may choose to pinpoint your best prospects.

SPECIALTY LISTS: The Specialty mailing lists category comprises most of the specially compiled list categories such as: Trigger Events – New Parents, Mothers-To-Be, Students at all stages, Turning 65; Professions – Teachers, Physicians, Nurses; and consumer lists by Interests and Hobbies, by Lifestyles, and lots more. Visit our Specialty Mailing Lists page for more on these and even more suggestions.

MEDICAL LISTS: Medical mailing lists are comprised of two major categories: Physicians selectable by the widest array of selections you will find anywhere, and other health related/medical institutions and services. Visit our Medical Mailing Lists page for a full listing of the categories and selections.


It’s not just about mailing lists anymore.

Today it is about…

A wide variety of marketing products.

Opt-In E-Mail Lists: E-mail lists are an integral part of the marketing mix today. Quality opt-in e-mail lists are highly selectable so that your market is finely targeted. After deployment, response begins immediately, and a campaign can be completed in a matter of days. Visit our E-Mail Lists page for lots more about this exciting marketing media.

Telemarketing Lists: Despite the Do Not Call laws today, telemarketing lists are still performing well for certain industries, and business lists are not subject to Do Not Call regulations. Our telemarketing lists are high quality, with a low disconnect rate. Visit our Telemarketing Lists page for more informative ideas regarding telemarketing sales.

List Hygiene and Enhancements: A clean deliverable list is the smartest way to save your company money. Ask us about our very affordable list hygiene package that will improve your deliverability by standardizing addresses and removing undeliverables. Learn more about your customers through appending data and profiling your customer file. Read more at our List Hygiene and Enhancements page.

The most important asset of this list company is its EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE.

We believe our SERVICE sets us apart from other mailing list companies. All mailing list companies claim their service is #1, but the truth of the claim is in the experience. Our business is a service business. We invite you to let us prove our philosophy to you. You will be assigned a personal mailing List Specialist who will serve you each time you call. That person will be familiar with your marketing goals and the direct mailing lists you have used, consulting with you on an ongoing basis to achieve your goals. Almost all of our mailing List Specialists have worked for Caldwell from 5 to 20 years, so you can be assured they are knowledgeable and experienced.

We are not interested in the quick-sale. Rather, we focus on developing only long-term relationships with our customers, ever improving your response. 70% of our orders are repeat orders from thousands of satisfied customers, some of whom we have had the pleasure of serving for more than 15 years!

And at Caldwell a “live” person will always answer the phone. You will never be unexpectedly left in the frustration of “voicemail dead-end.”


We are able to offer you the most competitive pricing on your direct mail, e-mail and telemarketing sales leads. We are confident that our mail list pricing, coupled with our personal service, quality mailing lists, and direct mailing list experience will convince you that you are getting your money’s wo