A frequently asked question I receive is what the difference is between ‘new homeowner lists’ and regular ‘homeowner lists.’ The easiest way to explain the difference is just that the new homeowner file is able to pull extremely fresh data of people who have recently purchased a new home, as recent as within the last week or two. Regular homeowner lists (not new homeowners specifically) comes from a large basic consumer household database that can pull a specific purchase date or length of residence, but only down to within a couple months recency. This is not to say that the large basic consumer database is less quality or accurate, it’s just not updated with new records quite as often as the new homeowners file is.

Of course, you would have to pay a premium price for the new homeowner leads compared to the basic homeowner leads. Depending on quantity, the new homeowners list can be two to three times the cost of regular homeowners data. So when considering your options between the two files, it would be a matter of how recent would you prefer that your target audience have just moved into their new homes vs. the budget you have to spend on the data.