Mailing List Formats

Caldwell List Company offers several mailing list , including Email, FTP, CD, Diskettes, Cheshire Labels, Peel and Stick, Manuscripts, or 3×5 Cards.


Give us your e-mail address and we’ll send your files as soon as they are ready, often the same day that you placed your order.

FTP Site (File Transfer Protocol)

You can download your list from our FTP site on the Internet. The advantage to this method is that it allows you to open your e-mail that will provide a link to the FTP site and begin downloading any size file simply and easily.


We can produce a CD and ship to you overnight if necessary. This is a good format for large quantities of names – also saves your hard drive space.

***Tech Support is available if you have any problems relating to the above involving downloading lists and some formatting questions. We are here to help in anyway we can, but you need to be familiar with your operating system to utilize our help efficiently.

Peel and Stick

Self-adhesive labels that can be machine affixed, or they can be hand-affixed. Peel and stick labels are normally used for small mailings.

Manuscript or 3×5 Cards

These easy-to-read, single listings are perfect for telemarketing or inquiry follow-ups. Each is individually printed on a laser printer for maximum legibility.