Business lists are great for multi-channel marketing and for reaching the consumers who work within businesses. For instance, business lists can allow retailers to reach out to consumers who work within businesses nearby that may be a potential customer. Many workers within local businesses do retail shopping during their lunch hour or schedule appointments for the chiropractor, doctor, dentist,  or hair salon. For many businesses that target local areas for prospecting new business, it is easy to be one-dimensional in advertising to consumer households and perhaps miss the opportunity of advertising to the people working within local businesses.
At Caldwell List, we have the ability to provide the postal address and phone number of local business contacts and can even add an e-mail address of many contacts.  This allows our customers to call and follow up on a direct mail piece they mailed and email the same copy as they used on their direct mailing. This consistency of copy gets your message in front of your prospective customers multiple times and can help brand your company.The more a prospect sees your message, the more they think about your company. The more they think about your company, the better the chances are that they will buy from your company.

One thing will never change about marketing, regardless of technology  – the basis to all marketing is to get the right message to the right people, at the right time. Be the company who is right in front of them when they need your product.