As a data broker specializing in mainly US consumer databases or providing business databases, we tend to have a grasp on the best options for any specific request. However, in many cases, high volumes of data for a cheaper price can benefit a customer more than a higher quality and more frequently updated data file that is more limited in size. Call centers or research companies, for instance, can really burn through high volumes of data each day. This requires a large amount of initial input data, which can require purchasing large amounts of data for a less expensive price. In these cases, especially when a call center or research firm is using automated dialing systems (auto dialers), it can be more efficient to use a less frequently updated database for a cheaper price than to purchase a highly updated and accurate data file for a higher price per lead (and thus, for a smaller amount of leads).

We do have options for entire database purchases or licensing, where it allows a user to have the option of obtaining an entire database where they can run their own counts and pull the specific criteria and data that they want to use for any given request. These databases are typically updated either quarterly or every six months, depending on the source or data compiler. They all have different pricing options and update schedules, but these are still all considering top-tier data sources guaranteeing better than 80% deliverable on the phone numbers, and 90% or better on the postal addresses.  If you’re interested in a US database purchase, this could be an option to explore.