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Why Use Opt-In Email lists?

The simplest, yet most important answer to this question is: Because Opt-In Email Lists Work!!

Email marketing, if done properly, is very effective for most products and services marketed to most audiences, using either a Consumer or Business , depending on your target market. Of course, there is no guarantee that your offer will be successful marketed online, but so many companies are finding this exciting marketing media extremely successful and cost-effective.

Email marketing can be better than traditional forms of marketing because:

  1. Lower Cost. It costs less than postal to produce an e-mail campaign from execution to delivery. Though opt-in s may be more costly than a traditional “mailing list”, when you consider the ever-increasing costs of postage, printing and paper, Email marketing becomes very attractive.
  1. Fast Delivery. With the lightning-speed of delivery, you can expect response time to be cut down tremendously. The majority of your responses will be received within 48 hours. Therefore, you can test another offer, message or opt-in quickly, if you are not pleased with the initial response.
  1. Easy and Speedy Call to Action. Consider that the recipients are at their computers when they read your email message, so they are able to simply “click”, instantaneously responding to your call to action.

And E-mail marketing still provides the main advantages of direct mail:

  1. Opt-In s are Targeted. With opt-in response information available from thousands of opt-in sites, today’s s are very targeted, including geographic, demographic, lifestyle and life stage selections available.
  1. Opt-in email marketing campaigns are Measurable. You will receive detailed information on how many people click, open and respond to your bulk email. Much of this reporting you can see as it’s happening in real-time.
  1. And many marketers have found that a direct mail campaign and or T.V. campaign before or following their opt-in email marketing campaign have greatly improved response rates.

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Email Lists

  • Active Singles
  • Ad, Sales, Marketing
  • African American Database
  • African American Women
  • Art Enthusiast
  • Biggest Spenders
  • Business to Business
  • College Students
  • Doctors File
  • Double Income No Kids
  • Ethnic Database
  • Families and Children
  • Female Investor Database
  • Fitness Impaired
  • FreeCatalogs4You
  • Fun For Children
  • High Income
  • Hispanic DB
  • Hobbies
  • Investor Database
  • Investor Millionaires
  • Lawyers Opt-ineMail
  • Motorcycle Owners
  • NASCAR Enthusiasts
  • New Credit Card Issues
  • Nurses Online
  • Opt-in Consumer DB
  • Real Estate
  • Senior Citizen Responders
  • Stay@Home Moms Married
  • Travel Enthusiasts
  • US Hispanics Mobile
  • US-Students
  • Women Investors