Consumer Mail Lists from an Experienced Broker Serving Businesses Nationwide

Consumer Mail ListsA consumer mailing list from Caldwell List Company can help you grow your business and increase your profits. With more than 40 years of experience in brokering direct mailing lists for businesses throughout the nation, along with solid relationships with all major data suppliers in the industry, the professionals at Caldwell List have the qualifications and resources to provide you with high-quality sales leads in your area. We understand that the standard-type lists other suppliers provide may not meet the unique requirements of your business. Therefore, we’ll help you define your ideal customer and then use this information to compile lists based on detailed criteria, which will increase the likelihood that your mailers will reach the prospects who need and want your products or services.

It’s important to remember, though, that no matter how carefully it is crafted, each consumer mailing list is fluid. To avoid waste in your marketing campaign, it is important to ensure the continuing accuracy of your list data. Indeed, three of the biggest problems in list management are:

  • Information that becomes outdated when the prospect moves or changes jobs
  • Incomplete address data
  • Record duplication (which is not only wasteful to the sender, but also can annoy the recipient)

You can feel confident that each consumer mailing list compiled by Caldwell List is comprised of data that is clean and current. That’s because, in addition to obtaining information from the best sources in the industry, we update our files on a monthly basis. As part of this extensive process, all records are Move Updated and CASS Certified™ using the latest USPS® sources, including NCOALink (National Change of Address), to ensure maximum deliverability for our customers.

Contact Caldwell List Company today to inquire about mail marketing lists, such as a consumer mailing list or medical mailing list to help you find new patients for your business, and to learn more about how an experienced list broker can boost your direct marketing efforts anywhere in the U.S.