Buying Mailing Lists From Caldwell List Company is a Wise Marketing Investment 

Buying Mailing ListsBuying mailing lists can be a great way to launch your direct mail marketing efforts, but if you want to see them truly take off, you’ll need to work with a seasoned list broker. For this, you can turn to the tried-and-true professionals at Caldwell List Company. We have decades of experience in brokering custom lists for businesses both large and small that want to reach their most potentially responsive audiences. To help you do so, we won’t simply compile a list based on one or two of your ideal customer’s characteristics. Instead, we’ll work closely with you to identify a full array of key criteria, which we’ll then use to carefully tailor your data to ensure that your mailings will land in the hands of the very prospects that are in need of your products or services.

Your Caldwell List broker will make the process of buying mailing lists as easy and stress-free as possible. We’ll work with you to determine when and where to focus your marketing efforts, and then help you identify specific characteristics that can be used to pinpoint your ideal customer. Based on this information, we can customize any of the following to suit your marketing campaign:

  • Household lists
  • Mortgage lists
  • Insurance lists
  • Real estate lists
  • Medical lists
  • And more 

When buying mailing lists, you don’t want to waste valuable marketing dollars on duplicate data, undeliverable records, or outdated information. Unfortunately, this can happen if you work with an inexperienced list broker. When you partner with Caldwell List, you can feel confident that each list we compile is comprised of clean and current data. That’s because, in addition to obtaining our information from the best sources in the industry, we update our files on a monthly basis. As part of this extensive process, all records are Move Updated and CASS Certified™ using the latest USPS® sources, including NCOALink (National Change of Address), to ensure maximum deliverability.

To learn more about buying mailing lists from a leading list broker, contact Caldwell List Company today.