Lately, we at Caldwell List Company have been experiencing quite an increase in the amount of requests we receive for business-to-business contacts (B2B contact lists) with email addresses. Although these business email lists can cost more than your typical mailing and phone lists, it obviously gives our clients an additional way to contact their prospective customers. We have multiple business email list databases that can supply only contacts that have a verified email address, and we only carry files that will guarantee a high deliverability on the email addresses. This means, we only carry email databases that are updated frequently and that will guarantee the quality of the data. All of these different compilers offer databases with different characteristics, such as different sized minimum orders, different prices per record, different update schedules and tactics for verifying data, and even supplying different fields on the lists they provide.

We feel that Caldwell List Company has a competitive advantage over our competitors, because we are a broker that has extensive experience with multiple databases and we can choose what compiler/database is the best fit for your request. This gives our clients more options and flexibility, when researching different list options. It’s definitely a beneficial step, for anyone researching list options, to check with a list broker and have that broker lay out multiple options for their request.