New Function of Direct Mail

The cost of postage is not the only characteristic of direct mail that has changed over the last few decades. The sole purpose of direct marketers mailing pieces to households has also changed. For many years, that mail piece was designed, targeted, and mailed to households to drive a direct response from that mail piece – either for the consumer to call the advertiser or to visit their brick-and-mortar location. Now, however, the primary function in many cases, has changed. The new main purpose of many mail campaigns is to drive an Offline-to-Online (O-to-O) response. This where a consumer receives [...]

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Targeted Mailings Vs. Saturation Mailings

For certain products or services, direct mailers may choose to saturate a particular area with a mail piece, regardless of specific household interests, attributes, or indicators. The only instance we where typically recommend this approach is if the product or service offered by the direct mailer can be used by or apply to almost everyone, no matter their specific financial situation and/or preference. Saturation mailing lists can be much less expensive than demographically targeted mailing lists, and can still delineate between certain dwelling types (single-family dwellings vs. multi-family dwellings). However, when one considers the cost of printing and postage for [...]

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Waste Your Money on Direct Mailing Without a Targeted List

We have received calls recently from past clients or prospective clients telling us about how they tried to test out the new program by the United States Postal Service called EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail). This is where you still handle the design and printing of your mail piece, but you take those pieces to the post office and have the USPS delivery these pieces using EDDM. This option is very quick and very easy, but it also wastes your advertising dollars very quickly as well. EDDM allows you to only saturate a specific zip code or zip+4 sending anywhere [...]

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Tales from a Lead Specialist

As list/lead specialists, we sometimes function not only as a guide through the insanely vast world of available lists, but also as a teacher in many cases. For some “specialists” in the list industry, the knowledge and advice given to clients comes solely from information learned while earning a marketing degree, or from a professor’s speculation on statistically what should and shouldn’t work for a client. However, Caldwell List Company’s list specialists can provide much more valuable insight than that. This is not to say we haven’t also earned those same marketing degrees and read the same books as the [...]

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