How Caldwell List Company Can Benefit Your Company

One of the most common questions we get as list brokers, is how are we different from our competitors in our industry. In an industry where it seems that all data and lists are the same, we are frequently asked by our clients why they should choose us. Although there are many answers to that question, we have to first address the main issue - all data and all lists are NOT the same. Caldwell List Company not only has an extremely solid reputation in the list industry, but a lengthy track record of experience to boast as well. Being [...]

Direct Mail and Telemarketing is More Effective than Emailing for Driving a Direct Sale or Conversion

Even in the current 'era of technology,' we continually see campaign after campaign that proves that direct mail and/or telemarketing still rule over emailing when prospecting. Yes, emailing can be used effectively for keeping in touch with past customers or past prospects you've had contact with, but direct mail or phone marketing virtually always brings a higher conversion of sales rate than prospect emailing does. Time and time again, as list brokers, we have our clients tell us that no one responds to direct mail or the phone anymore and that people only want to communicate via email. We understand [...]

Return-on-Investment on Telemarketing Lists or Phone Leads

As list brokers, we often get asked what the average return-on-investment (ROI) would be on a basic telemarketing list. That is a very 'loaded' question to answer that has many variables and factors that can alter results for our clients. Factors that are beyond our control as list brokers would include factors like: how experienced the agents or telemarketers are, how well branded and recognizable the company is to the targets, the time of day of the calls, frequency of the calls, how beneficial the offer is to the targets, and whether or not there were other channels of marketing used to contact these targets before the calls were made. Factors that [...]

Do Not Call Exempt Organizations Have a Clear Advantage In Telemarketing

Although many consumers state that they do not like or respond well to telemarketers or phone calls at home, it is still a very cost effective and efficient form of marketing many companies and organizations are still using. While it is true that the Do Not Call registry eliminates over 80% of the available phone numbers for households, there are still plenty of households that are receptive to products and services being offered via telemarketing. Due to the number of households that are listed on the Do Not Call registry, organizations that are Do Not Call exempt have a clear [...]